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    "A Natural Pearl In My Careless Hand."
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  • POSTED: Sept. 17, 2012 | ART PICT: Aug. 20, 2012

    The demon called Perfection...


    Okay. So now I had come face-to-face with the demon called Perfection. I had stared that baby down and told it to go away (see above). Of course that is the exact moment that I realized that I had a BIG decision to make that could sound like I was still dallying with the so called demon. Ironic. The question in the air: to outline the right-side girl's hair or not to outline. Well, not really wether to outline...just how darkly to do it.... The hair of the girl on the left is outlined in a shadowy and delicate sort of way. Should I continue in that vein? A delicately thick penciled line? OR.., with the more REGULAR, thicker dark stroke that I have ALWAYS used? Or... I mean, the hair looked fine as it was... AND I had JUST told myself (last weekend) that I NEEDED to quit being such a perfectionist AND I NEED to finish this drawing... BUT, I have ALWAYS outlined the hair. I tried a test version of the lighter, more shadowy line and it just made everything messier. Confused the space so to speak. Ugh. You can see my dilemma. Stop now and make sure that I do NOT second guess myself to death with this drawing ...OR...    Experience has taught me that the only way to really bring the pattern drawn into the hair...OUT into the open is to frame the hair with a solid, BLACK line. I don't know why. It just works thataways. Until the hair is outlined with a thick dark line... it's a confusing mess. One big rats nest with a few interesting lines here and there. Somehow..., solidifying the negative space and formalizing the pattern just works and the whole thing becomes quite Art Deco/Nouveau and... the lines are beautiful. Alfonse Mucha knew all about this OUTline... Soooo, I pulled out my darker pencils and started experimenting with line widths, etc. etc. EVENTUALLY this drawing will be done. Really. And I am NOT over-producing... . . .  . NEXT

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  • POSTED: Sept. 17, 2012 | ART PICT: Aug. 27, 2012

    Double damn aaaargh...


    I facebooked this event about a week ago. To quote a line from the entry, "Flabbergasted and astounded were the two nicest words that came to mind." Jeez. Ok. The drawing was FINALLY DONE. I had pulled the selected frame OUT and started to put it all together...and ran into one small problem. The drawing was an inch short. NO FRIGGIN' WAY. Aaaargh. I just wanted to pound my head against the table. BIGtime. A few different solutions were considered and thrown out. Fact: this was the frame I wanted to use. Another fact: I wanted to try out a new idea. I wanted to frame this drawing as though it were a painting (aka no mat). BUT, after talking about the idea to a fellow artist, I found out that drawings are matted to protect the artwork from sticking to the glass AND from becoming corrupted through constant contact with the wood. Ok. Soooo, I talked to a professional and was advised that it might be possible to mimic the protective effects. To do so, I would need to use double-sided tape on the glass to stick very small pieces of mat to the glass and force separation between the glass and the artwork. Hmmmm... interesting. So, anyway... if THIS is what I wanted to do...then I was going to have to DRAW ANOTHER INCH ONTO THE DRAWING. Double damn aaaargh. There are SO many layers of pencil on this drawing. Each graphite layer is in a particular order to achieve a specific effect ...using a selected pencil... AND I DID NOT REMEMBER which, what, how or where... It took TWO days to draw that one inch (down the right hand side of the drawing). AND I am NOT even mentioning the effect on the compositional flow of the work... NEXT

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  • POSTED: Sept. 17, 2012 | ART PICT: Sept. 02, 2012

    That extra inch...


    Actually... I kind of like what that extra inch did to the artwork. The girls are more centered than before. I prefer to avoid centering images because it makes the work way too static...especially given the semi-balance of the two outer figures ...BUT, it all works. The doggone gradient is actually pushing everything back to a nice off-balancedness. LOL. Go figure. The extra elbow room on the right allows the artwork to breathe a little more too. A real sweet spot to the whole thing is the new lines that were added to finish the hair that had previously run off the paper. It was an opportunity to formalize the Art Nouveau aspect of these lines, a challenge that I rather enjoyed :) Anyway. The drawing is framed and hanging on the wall as we "speak." Yeah. You want to hear a funny thing? Marilyn Monroe has been haunting my mind for the last couple of weeks. I found a photo of her and put it in my box a while back. She is on a bed... with her fingers to her lips (as though she had a secret to keep).... Anyway. This drawing is OFFICIALLY COMPLETED. Now I REALLY need to find time to find a gallery to show my Art in. I'll do that right after we shoot the video for Gary's next four videos for his new CD ....and after I finish his new CD website ...and after I get Marilyn to the drawing board....and after I get MY website redesign REALLY going ...and.... LOL. Yeah. Some day. It's going to happen. Just don't hold your breathe. I'm working on it. I mean I'm going to be working on it. Ugh. NEXT

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    POSTED: Sept. 20, 2012 | ART BLOG: Sept. 20, 2012

    Epilogue: Watching the mystery unravel...

    Boy are there a LOT of words up there (above). More than a year's worth of words. I can't believe that I lost touch with the artwork like that. It's super duper cool that a way back was found. Anyway. I am NOT going to talk about that right now. NOW that the drawing is finished, I can FINALLY "see" it. WHAT do I mean by that? How can I not see what I am drawing???'s actually MUCH easier to make art than it is to explain HOW it was made. LOL. Up to now, it's been mostly a matter of putting out fires, solving problems and trying NOT to think about the implications of ANYthing in the drawing. The homework is done in between pencil strokes (learning about symbols, people, mythologies, art, dreams, etc. etc.). The act of drawing is more intuitive. Think of it as a reach down into the pool of the collective unconscious. One reaches down and brings up something primal. THEN the dance with the muse really begins. The thinking comes later. When the drawing is DONE... that's the time to sit back and look at what has been wrought..., watch the mystery unravel and SEE the art for what it has become. Man. I STILL can't explain it very well. Crapola. Anyway. The drawing is on the wall and I "see" it. Some of it is obvious, some of it takes time to see... even when it's right in front of my face. I'm okay with that. LOL.

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  • POSTED: Apr. 19, 2013 | ART PICT: Apr. 19, 2013

    Uncle. UNCLE! UNCLE!

    I tried something different with this drawing... So many times, people have spontaneously referred to my art (both the pen and inks AND the graphite drawings) ... as paintings... that it ...kinda put a stupid idea in my head. Yes, NOW I can say, "Stupid!" I wanted to try and present a drawing as a painting. I thought that would be cool... being so literal. Ironic, eh? Boy was that a mistake. Cool is not my forte. Not by a long shot. LOL. First there was the whole issue of trying to keep the glass off the drawing. To take care of that issue, I cut 1/8" of an old matt and delicately two-sided taped it to the glass. This gave a very small and precarious space between the glass and the artwork. The really HARD part...was cutting the drawing down to fit within the frame. That hurt... but I was DETERMINED to DO THIS. So. I did it. Ya wanna say, "Stupid!" again? And this time we'll all say it together????? Well... we can see how THAT worked out. Argh. I'll just cut the gory details short and say that there were MANY problems that arose from my crazy idea. Eventually... reality knocked me over the head and I finally took the artwork out of the frame and cried "Uncle" (at least twice, followed by a couple of other, more choice words). LOL. Anyway. The drawing has FINALLY been framed and the questions have been put to rest (at least THOSE questions). Nowwwww... I just have to find a place to SHOW my art.... (big sigh). Time. Can we get another five hours added to the day???? Can someone take care of this??? I mean, really.... all we have to do is extend the orbit of the planet, right? Make it bigger???? Just by a ...little.

    And..... DONE. Really. DONE. I mean it. DONE. DONE. DONE. Want to see how done? Here's a link to the official gallery page for the FINISHED surreal pencil drawing. NEXT

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