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  • POSTED: July 09, 2012 | ART PICT: July 09, 2012

    Cursed by the "r" word.


    There was a LOT of stressing yesterday. Insane amounts of tension running amuck through the studio ... and it is all MY FAULT. I got cocky and started thinking thoughts like, "I'm going to finish this drawing this week" and "I'm almost done working on this drawing." THAT kind of thinking led me to believe that maybe I might Relax sometime soon and draw something FUN.

    That's when IT happened, I wuz cursed by the "r" word. DAMNIT. I have done MORE erasing, in the last few days, than I want to think of. Jeez. it makes my head hurt to think of it. For example? The rope around the girl on the left's middle 'wasn't right' so I fixed it, then realized that I had just farted it up. UGH. I had to UN-erase and then RE-draw that line. THEN I noticed that the new hair part was too similar to the rope, I drew, erased and re-drew THAT part of the drawing. THEN, the final layer of the gradient (right corner) caught my attention and became the next target for erasure. That turned out to ...actually be cool... after the fifth or seventh effort. LOL. It's possible that I re-drew that TREE branch ten times Saturday. THEN... (are you ready for it) ...I decided that the face of the girl on the left wasn't quite good enough AND it needed to be more bronzed. THAT was very early Sunday morning. The rest of the day, through the evening and into the night was all about putting out fires. OMG. UN-believable. I am breathing easier right now because it is not AS bad as it BECAME and MAYBE... on the way to (actually) BEing better. I don't know at the moment. I need to get past the panic. You should have SEEN her face around mid-afternoon. My eraser has REALLY gotten a workout. I AM SO GLAD THAT I AM USING REALLY THICK AND HEAVY PAPER TO DRAW ON. A year ago I met the man who talked me off the ledge and introduced me to a thicker paper*. "Thank You So Much" is all I can think right now. My old paper would be wrinkled to hell by now and I would have wasted an ENTIRE year of working on this drawing. I need to take a deep breath. Steady down and come back from the bad place. Ha. I will get back on the face this weekend and see what happens. Or, maybe I'll be a chickenshit and leave it right where it is. LOL.

    *See: "PAPER??? This is just blowing my mind." NEXT

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  • POSTED: July 23, 2012 | ART PICT: July 23, 2012

    An acceptable degree of lightness...


    I did NOT chickenshit out. LOL. I went right back to That Face (blonde on the left) and finessed it gently AND repeatedly with a sweetly light pencil: Eberhard Faber 6H Microtomic. Extremely light pencil strokes were very delicately added to the drawing of the face and highlights were erased into the hair (to round the head a tad...more). It's hard to see online but if you focus on the left side of her jaw... you can see SOME of the finessing that little pencil did... Soooo anyway..., it's turning out to be quite "Ok" that an ENTIRE Sunday was spent FREAKING out baby. It was for a good cause. Her face feels more right than it has so far. It's not perfect, but it is better.

    Now. The female on the right. It seems somewhat logical to propose that IF the hair in one piece of the gradient is darker than the tree then the hair in the next segment should be darker too. Well, that wasn't EXACTLY how it worked out. HERE, in the part of the drawing coming under focus..., the hair was LIGHTER than the tree. HOW did THAT happen? This gradient is INSANE. Ugh. Anyway. The tree trunk behind the hair took a few turns underneath a very cautious kneaded eraser, until a more acceptable degree of lightness was achieved. Sigh. Pencils were picked up and put down in search of the exact shade of gray to fit the girl's hair into this particular space in the drawing.... AND another problem was discovered. It sure looks like the "Death" symbol is picking her brains or tickling the back of her head... Time to pull the pencils out again and experiment.... Do I really WANT to push the death symbol into the background? Turn her hair into a subliminal forest-y sort of thing? Take this out of the semi-triptych mode??? Hmmmm.... I don't know. Yet. NEXT

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  • POSTED: Aug. 06, 2012 | ART PICT: Aug. 06, 2012

    NOT Day and Night...?


    I thought for a while that, maybe..., the two girls might be Day and Night. Have not and did not think about it too much. That's not my job at the moment. LOL. RIGHT NOW my job is to put pencil to paper and DRAW. Anyway. Back to the drawing board. I noticed that the hair of the female on the right kept going back and forth from completely DARK to highlighted*. I can't help but notice as this is the very LAST big thing I have to finish drawing and it is not going QUICKLY AT ALL. Ugh. In my head, I keep seeing her as more of a redhead.... AND the black hair doesn't feel quite right ...BUT the pattern of it does. I know, I'm rambling... but it's hard to explain how I CAN't know what's going on even through I'm the one drawing it. I'm running while blindfolded.... Anyway (AGAIN). I'm rambling. Now, the hair is both: highlighted and patterned out. This part of the drawing is NOT done, I am still working on it ...BUT, apparently, the girl (on the right) has become more a wild child. I'm beginning to suspect that it's more of a Normal vs. Wild Child sort of symbolism (although the Day and Night connotations are still intact). LOL. Either and or both make sense. It's all about the layers of the symbol baby. Nowadays.... "wild child" is a thoroughly marketed image in many female magazines, etc. It's a category as thoroughly patterned out as that of "princess, "seductress", "intellectual", or etc. etc. Which the concept of the patterned hair supports.... Day and NIght work too. Hmmm... this is getting VERY interesting. I can't wait to see how it all comes out ...AND, I am NOT thinking about this any more (until I'm done with the drawing). Layers and more layers & MORE layers.... AWESOME!

    *This references the pict NOT posted from LAST weekend. The hair was completely highlighted from top to bottom via my handy dandy eraser. THEN..., a LOT of time was spent darkening a lot of the very same highlights. Now, I'm erasing SOME of the darkness I JUST drew in. LOL. NEXT

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  • POSTED: Sept. 17, 2012 | ART PICT: Aug. 13, 2012

    How to take the soul out of ANYTHING...


    Sorry. Things have been CRAZY over here in the studio... and I am a tad behind. NO WAY you say. LOL. Anyway. What was going on a month ago... Hmmm. Let me think... Some of the girls' hair was darkened, some of it lightened. Pencil and eraser took turns playing across the paper. Quite often... across the very same spot (repeatedly). You know, I REALLY do love this thicker paper. It really takes the punishment of ongoing creativity... The path was sketched in, the shadowy man shape around the skeleton was darkened incrementally AND the LAST line of letters blocked into place. All of the layering, at this point, had become SO delicate because I was afraid I would make a wrong mark and RUIN the drawing that has taken me MORE THAN A YEAR TO COMPLETE. Now THAT's a head trip you don't want to get lost in. In fact, I became SO OBSESSED with making sure EVERYTHING was PERFECT.... that I started second guessing every little pencil mark and shadow. That's a bad thing to do to your drawing. You have to know when to quit and say, "ENOUGH". It's a danger point that every artist faces. Over-producing and over-polishing ANYTHING will take the soul right out of it. Think of over-grinding a diamond until nothing is left but a speck of diamond dust... Ugh. Not on my watch. NEXT


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