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 Is my credit card information secure?
PayPal is the authorized payment processor for this site and MANY others. This gives all of us peace of mind about secure payment processing: I worry about the art, and keeping costs down, they worry about security and you don't have to worry about giving your credit card information to a complete stranger! Want to know more? Click here.

 What is the site privacy policy?
I hold personal privacy issues as extremely important. Any information gathered by this site is used for contact and delivery purposes only.

 Are these the same prices I would see in shows or galleries?
Not always. Prices listed on this website are wholesale, direct from the artist/studio! Galleries normally charge a 30-50% commission on displayed artwork, shows often have fees attached, etc. and these business costs are normally recouped/added onto the price of the art to some extent. The website is an online extension of the artist studio and I am the webmaster so there is no middleman involved. There is no corporate sponsorship here and your support is appreciated. BIGtime :) SUPPORT THE ARTS!

 How long until my order is shipped out?
In-stock orders are shipped out within one business day (after clearance of funds). You will receive a confirmation email upon purchase and another when the item is shipped out.

 Is there a guarantee on merchandise?
PRINTS damaged in shipping will be replaced, just let me know what happened and I'll get a new one out to you pronto. In some instances return of the original material may be requested.
will be packaged VERY well and insured--so we're both protected :) Every monitor produces variations in color, so the studio offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on original artwork -- you may return the shipment (insured and undamaged) within ten days of receipt. Please contact the studio prior to return for an authorization number.

 How do I know this is an original piece of artwork?
Each original piece of artwork is signed by the artist and comes with a certificate of authenticity also signed by the artist. Your information, as the new owner of the piece, will be included on the certificate. This will verify transfer of ownership of the piece. Ownership of the copyright remains with the artist (unless arranged otherwise).

 Does copyright ownership transfer along with ownership of the artwork?
No. The artist always retains ownership of the copyright unless special, specific arrangements are made to purchase all or part of that copyright. Actual ownership of the original piece of art is what is for sale in the galleries. Questions? Send an email and I'll get an answer back to you.

 Why "Scooter My Daisy heads"?
There was a commercial on TV a couple of years ago: this man kept trying to communicate with people. He used phrases like: "twice the octopi," "dimple the pudding," "scooter my daisyheads." The words he used were very ordinary, just in a different format from the norm. No one understood him, no matter how hard he tried to communicate. Then a Sprint salesman handed him a phone and SUDDENLY EVERYONE understood what he was saying. (I wish it were that easy <roflmao>.) The symbolism seemed appropriate <g>.

 Is this artwork on exhibit somewhere?
Occassionally. All shows are announced on the "Exhibitions" page :)

 Do you accept web design commissions?
Yes. Click here to view the online portfolios, check out prices for website design and more.

 Do you accept fine art commissions?
Not really, but I don't want to say "never." If it were really interesting and/or extremely lucrative then maybe... but probably not :) Fine art is a very private thing for me. Commercial graphics are another matter entirely (see above answer <lol>).

 Where is the studio located?
St. Petersburg, Florida -- a.k.a. the Tampa Bay area or central Florida. Click here for more.

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