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WELCOME TO THE POETRY EXHIBIT This is the closest thing to a literary exhibit on the site. I love language and especially love the freedom to occasionally play with it. One day I'm actually going to sit down and write this story (about a red headed vampire <g>) that's been dancing 'round my head for YEARS. Don't hold your breathe though, it's going to be a while yet before it sees daylight <lol>. In fact, this gallery is not updated as often as the others but you are invited to check back anytime :)

Phoenix: genie & bottle
Aug. 12, 2001; sometimes you get what you want, and then you have to let go of it.

5. Speak: Yes, Virginia...
2000; a very special poem dedicated to a VERY special (and unexpected) meeting.

Misplaced Moonlight
1999; a modern fairytale in short form.

Black & Blue
1999; a companion piece to Midnight (third in a series of pen and ink drawings).

Words: a very specialized (and extensive) palette. The written word and I have a long history --we have travelled many unusual paths together. I am NOT a professional word smith, these 'poems' are strickly amateur time :) Ok? :)

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