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A visual communication specialist who takes pride in providing top-quality products!
Design services, commercial graphics studio, desktop publishing, copywriting...more!
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Chris Eisenbraun -- professional commercial artist resume.

A R T I S T    R E S U M E

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Resume summary info.

Experienced, professional graphic artist with more than a decade of experience in the commercial design field (four-color CMYK prepress AND three-color RGB products). Very computer literate. Detail-oriented.


This section gives details about the software palette.

S O F T W A R E    P A L E T T E
Dreamweaver, html hand coding, Flash, Photoshop, Image Ready, Illustrator, PageMaker, Quark Express, Fireworks, Freehand, Corel Draw ...and more!


Artist work experience detailed here.

W O R K    E X P E R I E N C E
Because of privacy protection issues, employer data is not posted online but is available by request. Questions? Send an email :)


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Design agency; 2002 - current.
Established online commercial graphics studio offering freelance and contract professional services covering internet technology three-color RGB design work AND traditional four-color CMYK process print media creations -- digital design AND desktop publishing! Websites, animated banners, Flash movies, CD artwork, catalogs, business cards, advertising copywriting, digital photography, branding, identity development and MORE. Complete professional services offered range from mere graphic layout of a project through to advertising agency level innovative design. Since this is a very small studio responsibilities include everything (design work, sales, accounting, etc. etc. :)


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Adult entertainment company; 2001-2002.
Created websites, graphic packages and online advertisements (including animated ads). Added researching competitors to the design process. Authored coordinated advertising copy, meta and alt tags for optimum search engine placement. Continuously acquired new skills to produce more effective products (i.e. writing cascading style sheets). Initiated advertising database that compiled all existing and new ads into one easy-to-reach location on the internet (simultaneously saving employees time AND expanding options).


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Online back-up service & web hosting company; 2001.
Produced client and company website designs, wrote advertising copy and filled company printing needs. Previous experience ensured that designs translated faithfully from high resolution four-color process print products to low resolution three-color RGB web graphics (as required) with minimal effort.


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Nonprofit pet focused enterprise; 2000-2001.
Administered the "Pet Services" portion of the company website. Designed client sites and online advertisements. Initiated review of Pet Services for grammar and consistency then implemented a uniform style. Introduced sales support packages (hard copy and template websites).


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Receptive tour operator; 1997-2000.
Established graphic department for international tour wholesalers. Produced the annual tariff (260+ page brochure), filled printing needs, designed and managed the company website. Assisted remote reservation program clients, created software installation manuals, wrote copy, etc. Implemented and maintained advertising fact database. Authored USA Now! (client email magazine). Set up annual review of tariff and constantly implemented improvements aimed at providing international clients with the BEST, most up-to-date, accurate, user-friendly product on the market.


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Printer; 1995-1997.
Processed and filled job orders for four separate departments: CADD, mounting/laminating, large and small format, four-color process CMYK printing. Occasional design work required.


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Marketing office; 1989-1995.
Designed products, wrote copy and printed advertising material for multimillion dollar military corporation. Supervised and trained employees, edited advertising material and more. Researched, budgeted and purchased equipment to open the core office of what later became the showcase advertising office of AETC (1994). Initiated monthly publication combining advertising efforts of 18 small businesses - specially designed to reach the largest audience with least effort.


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Because of privacy protection issues, education data is not posted online but is available by request, ditto with references. Questions? Send an email :)


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