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Some of the pen & ink drawingss feature three seperate inking fields: crosshatching realism, pointillism  and contourism!

Gary gave me this piece of canvas for Christmas. I'm going to paint a new work in the surreal symbolism art style, an original work of surrealistic art just for him. He's written songs asking me to paint him a painting, I see the hope in his eyes... In so many ways, he's responsible for getting me back on this track. He walks the way he talks and I like where he goes. Leading by example is ALWAYS the most effective way to get people to follow <g>. This one's for him :)

TITLE: "untitled" © Chris Eisenbraun 2004.
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(No photo today, just the blog.)

Updated July 1, 2004: NEW surreal symbolism art style painting + dedicated 2 Gary = I want this work to be GOOD! It's hard to paint a GOOD thing. GOOD isn't the kind of thought that inspires. It's a result not a subject matter. But it's for Gary, so (to be honest) I want it to be GREAT. So pardon me if it takes a while, I have to get past the GOOD/GREAT thought into the actual working of the piece. It's a BIG thought so the journey is a little longer than expected <lol>. I'm distracting myself with other surreal symbolism art style stuff right now :) Don't worry, I'll be back here. Wherever you go, there you are...and right now I'm over ...there!

Posted Apr. 17, 2004: in-between then and now I caught a cold (the weekend of the Tampa Bay Blues Fest) which utterly kicked my baloney. About the same time I also accidentally upgraded the entire Commercial Graphics Studio side of the website. Obviously I'm still working on getting ART into every week, it's hard to say no to business when you have to pay rent. I've gone through SOME of the photos, these are a few of the semifinalists. I'm still not quite sure how this surreal symbolism art style painting is going to go, but then again I rarely see the whole picture until the painting is completed. One aspect of letting your subconscious dictate the path <g>, just the way of the surreal path. Stay tuned...

Posted Mar. 27, 2004: Coming soon. This is the canvas that will be used. WooHoo! BIG step <lol> I'm picking out images as we speak, so hang in there <g>.


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