Strange mural / room landscape.
I am STILL trying to be ALL the artist I can be and with a day job...I get more than enough of the mundane stuff. BIGtime. So, I thought I'd add some MORE surreality into my daily routine: and, this is one wild and trippy bathroom wall mural <lol>. I'm DEFinitely taking this one OUT of the real. hehehehe.

medium: acrylic paint atop previous (red) room paint..
technique: graphic silhouette
size: approx. 120" x 96"
approx. 304.8 x 243.84 cm
owner: Property of the artist.
frame: not applicable.
notes: --not for sale, the house stays with me <g>.
price: not applicable.
shipping: not applicable.
info: --
method: --
warranty: --
currency: --

TITLE: Wall mural 2009.

The original, starting design for the wall mural is based on the set backdrop of a Black Crowes concert. Since my bathroom walls were already painted red, it seemed like a quick and easy graphic translation to cool beanies wall mural :)

About the time I finished the black silhouettes of the trees, I felt like I was going to have to install black leather seating in the bathroom to go along with the mural <lol>. It was just SO GOTH at that point. The next step? Adding the white dots to the mural. These would take the place of the lighting in the original backdrop design. Well, that made it all look waaay to Dr. Seuss-ish. From a distance it would work, but this is a very small bathroom and the addition of the dots to the mural ...was a tad overwhelming at close range :) Sooooo, I started erasing dots and syncopating them around the design. I also added some black crows as a homage to the inspiration :)

I got a tad carried away at one point... (it happens at least twice a day <lol>)... and I put a butterfly on the wall. It was semi-dry before I realized that it was TWICE the size of the crows. Ugh and too funny. One of these days taking in the BIG picture will be natural and in sync with this micro-focusing stuff. Anyway. I tried to erase it but that didn't go too well. So....Gary, jokingly, suggested that I put a space ship up there. I thought that was an excellent idea! I went for a 50s, Homer Simpson sort of hokey cartoon space ship. TOO awesome! hehehehe :)

The mural is finished off with a satin lacquer overlay. I would have preferred keeping the entire mural matt but it IS a bathroom and SOME protection is required. The lacquer puts a slight glaze on the mural, which I think sucks but oh well. It is what it is.


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