"Sticks-style" video rack © Chris Eisenbraun 2003.
This is an original painted design over a premanufactured video rack. The design is based on the Stiks style but is a completely original design. Want to see more of this sort of style? Visit the Sticks website: www.sticks.com

medium: acrylic paints over wooden rack.
technique: a la Sticks style :)
size: 48" x 23.5" x 7.75"
121.92 x 59.69 x 19.69 cm
owner: Private collector.
frame: not applicable.
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D E T A I L S . . .
I really like the Sticks decorating style, I've seen it in the Nicholson house (and a few other places) for a number of years :) One day while looking at my old video rack I said, "Why not?" The Sticks style suits my interests very nicely (mythology, symbolism, etc.) so I decided to go for it. If you like this sort of design style, you might want to visit Stick's site and check out their wonderful selection. Click here to go there: www.Sticks.com

This is the first piece completed and signed with my new last name.


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