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Hello? Hello? What are you doing up there?
Some of the pen & ink drawingss feature three seperate inking fields: crosshatching realism, pointillism  and contourism!

It finally feels like I'm on a REAL roll here, this is the EIGHTH(!) original surreal drawing started since I began this monumental quest of "getting my ART back." I hear you: just eight? in three years? From my perspective, it's a hell of a start and I hope to get some MOMENTUM going. There has been a LOT of behind-the-scenes stuff going on to accomplish this (including straightening out my thought processes and weeding out a LOT of mainstream baloney <g>). hehehehe. It's been quite a trip so far but well worth the effort. I still have a long way to go to get BACK to where I should have been by now <sheesh>. BUT...this artist is finally starting to get INTO the groove once again <g>. Let's get SURREAL baby!

TITLE: "Phantom notes" © Chris Eisenbraun 2008.
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(Dec. 26, 2007 - Jan. 02, 2008) Posted Apr. 13, 2008: Hmmm....I finished this one around New Year's Day. It went really fast during the Christmas holiday break and there were moments when I was really happy about it (especially during the doing <g>). The overall happiness ...lasted about 24 hours. Then I saw the big perspective goof in the drawing <argh>. Now...I'm really not too happy with this one and it makes it really hard to come back and put the notes in place. So, I'm not going to. I've been putting this off long enough <sheesh>.

There are things about this drawing I really do like and there's one BIG glaring thing I really dislike (which I would like anywhere else <lol>). Too funny. Anyway. Can you tell that I'm kind of unhappy with this one???

(Dec. 26, 2007 - Jan. 02, 2008) Posted Apr. 13, 2008: this is where I was trying to work out the hair. I made about 25-30 drawings trying to find the right one (using copies of the drawing to date, etc. etc.). I finally found it, but (unfortunately) I got so interested in the hair and the lines that I lost the space where I was supposed to end up in. It's a big difference <argh>. The lines look GREAT ...from this point. But, this isn't the finish line and something is way off. Unfortunately I did NOT catch it in time. It happens.

(Dec. 26, 2007 - Jan. 02, 2008) Posted Apr. 13, 2008: At this point the drawing went very fast. It was Christmas and the studio was closed. Every year we take an artistic retreat and close the doors to the world. The muse is invited in and the art flows freely (and a few choice bottles of wine are opened <g>). It was a fabulous time.

Posted Nov. 10, 2007: Finally. I can get started on my new surreal drawing. I have fulfilled my promises and am ready to Go! Go! Go! I want to do something with the fairy's hair (what's new eh?) so I took the photo of the artwork and printed a dozen copies to play with. AND, I am just drawing and drawing (and drawing) ...until I find what I am (apparently <g>) looking for. I'm working different patterns and lines to see what the drawing wants/needs. I'm glad I went back to pencil. It's much more relaxing and that's what I need right now. Pen is SO UNFORGIVING and I'm just not relaxed enough to REALLY enjoy that yet. There was a lot of cussing on the last couple of pen & ink drawings. Let me get my chops up baby and then we'll see what happens.

Back to now: I've picked the very LIGHTEST pencil in my collection in en effort to keep the face in the background. Big AND background material: it seems I'm not into easy <lol>.

Posted June 24, 2007: I meant to take a small break and get Gary's artwork and website completed for the new musical trilogy -- a rock 'n roll, an acoustic AND instrumental CDs: a 3-CD simultaneous release <g> with free song downloads! After all, he's been VERY patient. BIGtime! But, ...this is quite cool actually... I began to feel discombobulated by the fact that I didn't have a new surreal drawing in the works. Wow! That is SO COOL. I've turned a corner somewhere: from struggling to talk myself into picking up a pen to NEEDING to pick one up. BAMM baby! I still have to struggle to find the TIME to draw, etc. etc. (am still working on that one <argh>) BUT...the need has been re-woken up. Still got a lot of corners to go and a LOT of proficiency to re-find...but it's a GREAT place to be in.

I'm going to warn you: I am working on Gary's stuff TOO so this is going to be slow. BUT, a new surreal drawing is in the works! YEAH!

Look into the deep does it go? Symbolic meaning is right below the surface.

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