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Surreal art from a contemporary American surreal artist. All original artwork (drawings, paintings & more) are on display in the internet fine art galleries. This work (shown below) is the first major work of a new period of artistic development (2004+). Don't miss the surreal art page with the behind-the-scenes look at the creation of this original artwork (click here). A certificate of authenticity, signed by the artist, is included with purchase.

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medium: Rotring art pen.
size: 20.5" x 14.75"
52.07 x 37.465 cm
owner: ...your name here...
frame: metal frame with non-glare glass.
notes: click here to view photos charting the progress :)
price: $2345
shipping: free inside the U.S.; outside U.S., request quote prior to purchase. Includes insurance.
info: ships within 24 hours of funds clearance.
method: ground.
warranty: 100% satisfaction guarantee.
currency: U.S. dollars.

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TITLE: "The Face I Show to You" © Chris Eisenbraun 2006.

The clocks are ALL set for the EXACT same time, albeit London, Paris, New York, etc....time <g>. One of the clocks is actually backwards to the others--although if you consider it as coming from the other side of the mirror, who's to say which of them are/is backwards? <g>.

This the first major work of original artwork for this period (2004+).

Salvador Dali painting his own clock, is cameo'd in the upper righthand of the drawing. A surreal artist appearing in an original work of surreal art: just too funny :)




Salvador Dali, probably the single best-known Surrealist artist, was somewhat of an outsider due to his right-wing politics - during this period leftism was fashionable among Surrealists, in fact in almost all intellectual circles.

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