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The third in a contemporary surrealism series on display in the online fine art galleries, this symbol art pic is the last major work to be completed during this period (1995-1997). Three separate inking techniques are combined in this symbol art pic: contourism, crosshatching and stippling. A certificate of authenticity, signed by the artist, is included with purchase.

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medium: ballpoint pen.
size: 25.125" x 31.06"
63.82 x 78.89 cm
owner: ...your name here...
frame: simple black metal frame and gray mat (shown), included.
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shipping: $40 inside the U.S.; outside U.S., request quote prior to purchase. Includes insurance.
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method: ground.
warranty: 100% satisfaction guarantee.
currency: U.S. dollars.

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TITLE: "Part III: Denouement: Midnight." © Chris Eisenbraun 1997.

The third symbol art pic in this contemporary surrealism series is named Midnight. The title represents the moment when the masks come off and the truth is out. Begun July 4, 1997; completed July 23, 1997. The work that ends this series of contemporary surrealism is "Part IV: Epilogue: Abracadabra."

Thanks to Kelly Bebermeyer (photographer) and Jennifer Groth (model) for their wonderful gift! I can't afford models, so most of my work is based on photographs. With "Midnight" I knew that it was going to be hard to find a photo of a woman cutting off the mask that is her face. Kelly and Jennifer volunteered to help. We ended up doing two separate photo shoots (with a zillion pictures). By the end of the second shoot, Jennifer wanted in on the action, picked up the camera and made Kelly pose <laugh>.

The artist's mannequin holds a card from the previous two drawings in this series of contemporary surrealism ("Wildcard" and "Lemonade"): the broken queen of hearts card.

The face in the middle is based on the photo on the cover of the U2 album "War." This face is Sorrow, Anger and Pain: cover up one eye and the face is Sorrow, cover up the other eye and you see Anger; the lip is bruised and broken, Pain.

The song that kept getting played at the end of this work was from "Empty Glass," by Pete Townshend..."I am an Animal." Almost wore out the vinyl on that one <lol>. There is a song in each of the symbol art pics from this period (1995-1997).

Steve Garron ("Precious") is the model for the face in the mirror. He was putting his face on the glass, experimenting with effects and making photocopies and gave me the results <g>. I told him that his part in this work symbolized people's insecurities (the darkness in us all).

This work is third in a series of four symbol art pics. Click here to view the entire contemporary surrealism series of pics (in one setting).




The Surrealist circle was made up of many of the great artists of the 20th century, including Jean Arp, Max Ernst, Giorgio de Chirico, Man Ray, Joan Miro, and Rene Magritte.

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