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  • POSTED: Sept. 4, 2013 | ART PICT: July 26, 2013

    After the whole eyeball disaster...


    I don't know what to say here. After the whole eyeball disaster ...everything else went relatively smoothly. Really. Go figure. No artistic catastrophes. No unforeseen drawing debacles. I will confess to a tad bit of trepidation. BIGtime. After my drawing paper TORE, it made me triple think any finessing my pencil might have in mind. I STARTED to mess with a few final touches... but the whole eyeball fiasco had me nervous as hell and I didn't do TOO MUCH of that last minute drawing stuff. LOL. The most complicated thing I had left to draw was the black boxes flying out at the viewer. That meant picking out the new range of DARK graphite (pencils) to build the boxes with ...and then, (the hardest part of all)...putting the pencil DOWN and saying, "Done". That really is the HARD part of any work of Art: knowing WHEN to quit.

    A catalog of pencils used in this drawing (for the curious or the VERY bored): skilcraft bonded no. 3 med. hard; faber castell F; skilcraft med. no. 2; eberhard faber microtomic 2H, 6H and 4H; venus velvet 3; eberhard faber ebony jet black extra smooth; a yellow pencil that I can't read the writing on...and about ten others that I've already put back into the BIG pencil box :) NEXT

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  • POSTED: Sept. 4, 2013 | ART PICT: Aug. 13, 2013

    Here, there and back again.


    This whole drawing started with an image (or two) haunting my mind, tickling my imagination... lightly. Quietly. I'm glad I was able to HEAR that siren's call. As an artist, the trip from the dreaming, subconscious mind into consciousness, through the white blankness of the drawing paper, is a journey into a mystery that is only answered when the final stoke is laid down. I mean, symbols are cool... BUT tapping into the collective unconscious and bringing something primal back UP and into the light... to sit BLATENTLY on the paper... so beautifully.. is SO INTENSE. You NEVER know if you are going to be able to pull the... concept? ...idea?...inspiration? all the way OUT... or if you are going to go astray somewhere along the way and only bring parts of it into being. This is the closest I have come to DOING THAT to date. Sounds like a good thing, right???? ARGH. This kind of artistic success is SO SCARY because NOW... my head will try to get in the way and SHOW me "How To Be Successful With Symbols"... when the actual truth of the matter is that I need that sucker to SHUT UP so my subconscious can be HEARD. Oh boy. I think that I'll go and start work on an abstract drawing (or two) now...... I need to give my id some elbow room. I MUST get my intellect to calm down, get UNexcited, ....AND to get OUT OF THE WAY. Ugh. Down ego, down. Sit.

    There were two issues with the framing of the drawing. One was taken care of at the place where I had it framed. I think that it actually made the drawing better. Maybe. The second became apparent a few days later. It's an eyeflow issue. Big sigh. Maybe I'm imagining things, I'm not sure. I'm going to let it be for the moment. I need to get some distance and some objectivity. Right now... I don't know if I'm seeing the forest or the trees. Or the turtles. Who knows. Jeeeez.

    Soooo. It's official. Here. Go to the official gallery page for the NOW COMPLETED artwork :) Ta Dah! NEXT


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