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  • POSTED: May 14, 2013 | ART PICT: May 12, 2013 subconscious talks to the paper in between...


    You know...I WAS happy with the drawing of the fireman's face... until I got on the computer (to update the website last weekend) and saw all of the detail that my crappy printer was NOT giving me. I could FINALLY see that the left nostril actually IS visible, I was NOT imaging things after all. UNBELIEVEABLE. Double darn ARGHHHH! I thought I was DONE with the face. Sooooo now.... I am trying to draw the fireman's face with my smart phone in hand. This is soooo crazy baby. I had to send an email TO: my phone so I could go in the studio and finish DRAWing this face. Jeez. AND....this is NOT an easy process because my phone keeps trying to turn off, or constantly rotates the image, or un-enlarges the part I am deeply FOCUSED on.... OR... Anyway. I don't plan on doing this often or I'd have to change the settings on my phone and then change them back again and then.... And AGAIN with the ANYWAY. There is NO WAY that I am going to do this for the entire drawing process.... but it's an AWESOME way to get around the deficiencies of my current printer... for any particular object within the artwork. LOL. Go figure. I draw with a pencil... one of the oldest drawing tools of all time (charcoal is older). Me. A modern artist. I am sitting here with pencil in one hand, cell phone in the other, intermittent cuss words delicately peppering the airwaves ... while my subconscious talks to the paper in between. Toooo funny. BTW. The face is STILL not done., It's getting better though....

    There are a LOT of things that I like about this face. A multitude of interpretations for this symbol are beginning to whisper understanding of the choice. I am starting to understand how VERY layered and complex this symbol really is. Wow. NEXT

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  • POSTED: May 30, 2013 | ART PICT: May 27, 2013

    Collective unconscious TO: FINGERS.


    Wow. I just spent FIVE DAYS DRAWING (yeah!)... and I went DEEP into the Art. Dark bars were added to the text on the right. The right-hand side of the stairs is becoming REAL. of the things that I found that I NEEDED to work on, was the other side of the staircase... the part viewed through the negative pane. I NEEDED to make it go DOWN... more. Who knew? I didn't. Soooo, I played with the arrow. Added a dark swath and marks in the wall. All emphasizing the downwards motion of THAT part of the stairway. While doing this, I had to re-work the dollar signs constantly (while moving the arrow UP a tad bit so you can SEE it a little better :) I can FEEL the trust growing (between my fingers and subconscious). There are MANY ways to make THAT statement. I could say that the whispers from the paper are getting louder... or that the muse is dancing round the studio in a VERY loud and complex sway. Or that... (as Shelley would say) I am tuning into a mystical wind.... Nah. Sorry, but I can't say that last one. Too grandiose. LOL. What it all boils down to is that the communication stream from the collective unconscious TO THE FINGERS... appears to be growing in intensity. This drawing is getting to be insane! I am starting to SEE so many symbolic communications... statements... that have been drawn into this work of art. Things that I had JUST DRAWN without understanding "why" are starting to make SENSE ...AND...the really crazy thing is that if I had tried to draw any ONE of them....ON PURPOSE... it would have come off as JUST hollow cleverness. THIS is a full blown statement using dreamwork symbol-ology baby. The dollar signs. Wow. The fireman. The bars of text. Wow again. IF I HAD sat down and tried to draw a statement about different kinds of money... on purpose... it would have been shallowly clever Art. AND... also, ...very boring Art. The dollar signs are just a teeney bit of the LARGER conversation... that is THIS artwork . THIS IS EXACTLY why I am trying SO HARD to draw direct from the subconscious. The language of symbols as used by the dreaming mind... is incredibly complex and infinitely varied. It's ALL SYMBOLS. Human symbols. One many ways to be interpreted. BIGtime. It's really crazy how this language works. Anyway. This is just one very small corner of a complex very surreal drawing... that I am JUST DRAWING right now. Some things you can't help but notice (i.e. the dollar signs)... but I am not trying to understand... I am just TRYING to listen to the whispers coming off the paper AND DRAW what needs to be drawn :) There is a trust to be kept and I am trying to make Art. This is too many words. I have to stop now. Ugh. NEXT

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  • POSTED: June 10, 2013 | ART PICT: June 09, 2013

    Crazy hard. INSANELY difficult.


    Do you KNOW how HARD it is to erase the very part of the artwork that you have been drawing, and working on SO DILIGENTLY ...for MORE than an entire month??? Tone down and erase ANY of those pencil strokes and details??? It's Crazy Hard. INSANELY difficult. BUT... when the muse DEMANDS do it, or you are the loser. Arrrrrgh baby. Anyway. I've been working on the fireman's face since the end of April. The Fireman, the authority figure, the father figure, the guy responsible for getting people OUT of the very fires they could be responsible for..., the hero, the warrior, an elder, a person who has been in the thick of IT, etc. etc. etc. You know...the very symbol that I've been drawing and re-drawing for the last couple of weekends. My subconscious TOLD ME to go lightly with the pencils (May 08) ....and I didn't listen very well, and I got carried away with the details (as always). Oh well. That puts it directly on me own shoulders. I did it. Me. The artist. Damn it. I NEED the stairs to POP focally. I NEED the stairs to have a cliff edge sort of feel. On the right side... it's a going UP thang. Who knew? I didn't. I just found out. Jeez. SOOOO... Saturday morning, I picked up ye ol' trusty kneaded eraser and very, very slowly (with TONS of trepidation), began to carefully blot out so many of those hard earned pencil strokes and delicately drawn details. THEN I spent the next four hours trying to even out the erasing and even, get this..., drawing BACK some of the very pencil strokes and shadows that I had JUST taken down. Yes, I AM crazy. BUT, it was the right thing to do. Sometimes it's really, really hard to DO what that little voice is telling you NEEDS to be done. Hard. But... trust is earned. Where ever you go, there you are.

    Now here's the supremely ironic thing: I've become SO AWARE of the incredibly elegant AND sophisticated use of symbols via the dream language used by the collective unconscious.... It's just so WOW. Mind boggling. Simplicity and sophistication hand-in-hand. I've been completely dumbstruck with the symbolic statements/interpretations that I am beginning to SEE in this drawing. I've even been raving about it. In response, my subconscious seems to be stepping up my introduction to said language in the ART ....AND in the dream state itself. LOL. My dreams have become crazy thick... and I can't quite articulate them verbally. Just graphically. Tooooo funny. NEXT


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