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  • Surreal ink sketch (2012): "Soliloquy."
  • Surreal pencil drawing (2012): "A Natural Pearl In My Careless Hand."
  • Surreal ink doodle (2012): "Tenuous Minor (A Flatted Third)."
  • Pencil art (2011): "Just Passing Through."
  • Complex sketch (2010): "Whisper To The Thunder."
  • Pencil artwork (2009): "The Bus To (Pomona); King To Queen's Rook 13."
  • The Drawing Board Blog:
    "My World Is Round."
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  • POSTED: Mar. 24, 2013 | ART PICT: Mar. 24, 2013

    Paying the price....


    Monday through Friday I push my Art away. Not from choice, but because life is. I would really LOVE to just draw all day long, every single day. BUT...there is client stuff to do, Gary and my websites to maintain, music videos to create, rent to be paid, gardens to weed, etc. etc. I'm not whining or looking to put a label on my forehead that would be full of words that would allow me to opt out of this fight and sit bitching on the sidelines. LOL. No friggin' way. It's just a fact: life costs and choices are made. Soooo, why am I talking about this? Because Saturday mornings can be SO HARD. I spend an entire week pushing my Art AWAY. Do I really expect the muse to just greet me with open arms come Saturday morning? After being pushed away so thoroughly? This is where I pay the price for all of that pushing. I have to fight and work and try to dodge reality... so I can step into my Art and DRAW...Saturday morning. Well... this year has made it abundantly CLEAR that just trying to rearrange the weekend to make this happen isn't good enough. I've been trying that one for years now and have come to realize that JUST saying the words doesn't make the walk happen baby. Sometimes Life INSISTS on a little EXTRA. Can you tell I had a nuclear meltdown this Saturday morning???? Big sigh. It's on me. I am GOING TO FIGURE THIS OUT. Life is. That's it's job: to be. What I want is up TO ME TO GET. Ok. I thought that was what I was doing. Time to re-think things. Soooo, maybe it was kind of a good thang that I had a meltdown this Saturday a.m. made me realize (1) HOW MUCH I WANT THIS... and (2) that I still need to work on my modus operandi to make this a whole lot easier on me-self. Sheesh. BTW: regardless of how these words sound... the meltdown helped and I got a LOT of drawing done this weekend. I am just using these words to gear my psyche up to re-think what I can do to make this process easier. Something less stressful and more natural. Hmmmm. Friday evenings/Saturday mornings. THAT's where the rub lies...that's where the hard step happens. I have to make this easier on myself and the muse ...AND Gary. BIGtime. This weekend was a GREAT weekend. I want that to happen AGAIN and AGAIN... minus the meltdown. NEXT

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  • POSTED: May 8, 2013 | ART PICT: Apr. 28, 2013

    TRYING to REFUSE to go into darker (pencil) territory...


    I am (obviously) working on the fireman right now. LOL. Could you tell? I've been able to squeeze a minute here and there to actually DRAW...but have been unable to squeeze even one minute more to get the site updated. Hell, I haven't even Facebooked in a bit. Go figure. I gots to focus on the important stuff man. When thangs get CRAZY... you take one step at a time and you focus on the goods. Anyway. This is a quickie blog thing, so here ya go. QUICK. SUCCINCT. I am trying to keep the fireman's face LIGHT. I want him to be kinda faded ...(ish). I've grabbed the three lightest pencils out of the current palette and am TRYING to REFUSE to go up the ladder graphically speaking...into darker (pencil) territory. I am also TRYING to NOT detail his face tooooooo much (that's one sure fire way to keep it from getting toooo dark). We'll see. Wish me luck. BTW. Don't fixate too much on how weird his face looks. That REALLY has a TON to do with the fact that I am SHOWING you this shit right in the middle of it all (not just in the pretty parts baby). These are lines that I am working out in my head and with my fingers. Working. Not done. Not yet. LOL. NEXT

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  • POSTED: May 8, 2013 | ART PICT: May 6, 2013

    If it doesn't look RIGHT, then it's not done...


    Damnit! Ok. OBVIOUSLY the face is darkening... but I am STILL trying to keep it from getting tooooo dark. I'm afraid (yes, really)... to try and figure it out... but lately, it's been much easier to step INTO the ART on the weekends. Maybe I'm FINALLY starting to break down some walls that have been up for WAY TOO LONG. Gary gave a REALLY inspiring speech the other day (he was a tad frustrated at how hard this is for me and this opened up the conversation is unexpected ways). Thoughts were turned on their head and inside out and rolled around a bit. I've heard the words before... but THIS angle put a whole new light on them... for me. You hear words in YOUR head and apply YOUR definition to them. His frustration let me see those same words from an angle that I had NEVER seen before. They were the SAME WORDS that I had heard before.... BUT they were COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. Context is a killer. PLUS: somehow Kevin Durant and Lebron James got thown into a speech about making Art. LOL. Awesome. Gary is NOT normal and that is SO COOL ...and he really enjoys seeing me draw. I really enjoy hearing him play guitar. It's a mutual thang baby. BTW: don't worry about how weird the face looks... it is still NOT done. If it doesn't look RIGHT, then it's not done. I'm pretty sure that you'll know when we're there. NEXT


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