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    "Yes. No. (Ceci n'est pas une pipe.)"
    TRANSLATION: "Yes. No. (This Is Not A Pipe.)"
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  • POSTED: June 09, 2014 | ART PICT: June 08, 2014

    A Ghost In The Studio.


    It is unbelievable, how much trouble a little artistic EXACT-edness can cause. Just one little, itty bitty, teeny weeny word cost me an entire Saturday and one Sunday morning. The time was spent erasing, measuring, sketching and re-penciling. NOT going forwards. Backwards. Really. ONE WORD. Ghost. You could say the word haunted my weekend. Badum bum bum. Ha. In the preceding post ( A Critical Juncture + The Symbolism Of The Portcullis), the use of the word "shadows" bothered me. It was not the right word. Sooooo, I went in the next day (Monday) and replaced the word "shadow" with "ghost" when referring to what is happening with a possible symbolism aspect of the portcullis... uploaded the page and promptly forgot about it. When I went in to draw Saturday morning.... the word "ghost" seemed to meander round my mind, questioning the authenticity of the choice. There was a shadow of a portcullis-y pattern on the paper... but would you call that a ghost??? Really??? Yes, my ghost was arguing with my pencil. LOL. Soooo....I took a good hard look at the drawing and realized that the negative pattern didn't REALLY suggest a potentially closed gate AND... I now realized, ...THAT was what THIS artist WANTED in that spot. The truth is that this whole ...episode goes beyond just being anal about the meaning of one word... this REALLY was a moment when the symbolism of the artwork... turned a corner and EXPANDED. All because of one word, or one ghost and a haunting of one artist's imagination. The collective unconscious, the subconscious, .... speak softly. One has to listen HARD to hear these kind of words. AND, because, previously, I had only wanted to SUGGEST a closed portcullis.... I hadn't been tooo particular about penciling in the squares, ...which meant that they were NOT all that straight anymore... and this was going to be a real problem now that I had decided to draw in the bottom of the gate to TRULY suggest the GHOST of a closed portcullis. Yeah. AND....WHICH, by the way, is not so easy to DO when you are fading out the ghost of a gate ...into whiteness... right where the tips of the gate would come down. Defining the point, so-to-speak.... was a tad challenging. ARGH! This was the cost of the choice of a word and the expansion of the symbolism....and that's ok. I'll finish this drawing.... eventually. Sometime. Some day. Ha. Ha. Ha. Soooo out came the kneaded eraser, the ruler and the swear words. Ugh. Anyway. I think you get the picture. I know. REAL funny, eh? hahahahahahaha.

    Here's a small drawing tip for anyone deciding to throw a metal ruler down on their beautiful drawing... make SURE the ruler is CLEAN so it doesn't mark up your drawing with little colored stains that are really HARD to get out of the one spot you INTENDED to leave completely white... in the entire drawing. %$$###@@!!! NEXT

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  • POSTED: Aug. 18, 2014 | ART PICT: Aug. 17, 2014

    A different kind of word...


    June. It was June that I last picked up a pencil. Lotsa stuff in-between, none of it ART. I am INSANE because I REALLY like doing  ALL  OF  IT. Everything. But, then again... I took NINE DAYS off to draw and it was absolutely incredible. I can't describe what it feels like to touch the collective unconscious and watch a story take shape through you. A story that I can vaguely FEEL is right I watch the pencil travel across the paper. With a little mental elbow room... my artistic mind goes into a where thought ceases and the shaping begins. That's a space I should be LIVING and BREATHING in (because it is so incredible). BUT.... while exploring all of this other graphic stuff.... I have found film... and there is an idea in my mind that I REALLY want to explore. It's just in my head right now, so of course... it's perfect. I won't know if it's really a good idea until I bring it out into the light of day. SEE it solid. Can you hear the mad laughter in my mind???? I need more time. Time. Time is in this drawing.... I am in awe at what the muse has handed me. I need to step up. I can do this.

    Somewhere in the middle of all of this, I realized that I draw for different reasons nowadays. I used to draw for many reasons. Light and shadow. Line and color. Interpretations of minutes, expression, ideas. BUT...cameras do most of that nowadays. Quite well in fact. I'm not a camera for the physical world. I'm an author of tales from the collective unconscious. I'm an artist with a different kind of word in my palette. All of this insanity: the commercial and fine arts ...stuff... they are beginning to merge into one.... Maybe this is what this time calls for..... Maybe this is why I am going crazy with both.... Maybe not. What would Salvador Dali say? "I am not mad." NEXT

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  • POSTED: Sept. 09, 2014 | ART PICT: Sept. 07, 2014

    Homage to Dali + ...


    Right now I am working on a part of the drawing, that by its very nature... brings Salvador Dali to mind. "Again?" you say. Wasn't Dali mentioned in the last blog entry? Well, yes. And..., of course. Between the broken/bent clock in this drawing (vaguely reminiscent of Salvador Dali's melting clock)...AND the title tied directly to Renee Magritte... how can one NOT think surreal???? Ha. Ha. But the funny thing is that I'm not sure if my drawings are STRICTLY "surreal"... they are VERY based in symbols BUT is that just splitting hairs? No clue. Someday I will actually read the original Surrealist Artist Manifesto (and not just have a downloaded copy ...somewhere). Symbols. Surrealism. Jung. Joseph Campbell. Collective Unconscious. Myth. Dreams. Etc. Etc. It's all one ..path in this artist's hand... for the pencil to follow. LOL. I use both words (surreal and symbolic) equally to describe the art coming out of this studio. After all, it's not my problem to figure out the EXACT definition of what's going on here. I'm just the one doing the drawing... the collective unconscious (aka the muse) is directing the conversation. AND, surrealism is a wonderful way to use symbols to speak in a beautifully artistic tongue. AND... I have an urge to put ants wandering across the lower left-hand of the drawing... to bring the homage aspect to full circle (think Dali ...and ants do come to mind too). LOL. Anyway.

    Back to the beginning of this entry: it's the clock, of course. It's not a melted clock and it was not put into the drawing BECAUSE of Dali... but BECAUSE it is there in MY surreal drawing... I am THINKING of Dali while I work on this symbol. So many layers to each symbol. Circling round and round. Sweet. I do not do simple well. It's not really what you would call my forte. But who cares. This isn't really about me. It's about the art. BTW. Did you notice that the clock is on fire??? or travelling through fire??? There's fire. Jeez. Is the drawing getting too crowded??? Ugh. That NEVER happens. Damnit. We'll see what happens... Shit. Shit. Shit. NEXT

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  • POSTED: Nov. 19, 2014 | ART PICT: Sept. 14, 2014

    Lots of dots. Pencil leaded dots.


    Soooooo, NOW things get complicated. Now? Seriously? Now? Yes. For some reason, my subconscious insists that the figures to the right are both to be penciled in as dots. DOTS. Pointillism is generally used in paint (two dots side-by-side to MAKE a color SEEM to appear, a technique created by Georges Seurat and Paul Signac, 1886) OR as a pen-and-ink technique. It's just easier damnit. Pencilling in tons of dots is not as fluid and simple of a motion via pencil lead. Jeez. I KNOW why I'm bringing this technique to the design. I HOPE that it is going to work out the way I "think" it should. I'm not positive about either and there are a LOT of dots to put down on the paper. This is going to be SO much fun. I just know it. LOL.

    BTW: a new addition to the already symbol PACKED composition... the cheetah spots on the top of the woman's head. There have been MANY different sketches for that particular space in the drawing... so MANY different Art Nouveau style lines pretending to be strands of hair. Apparently the subconscious has spoken... and chosen ANOTHER kind of dot: a SPOT. A bunch o' cheetah spots. I am going to start laughing any moment (and I'm not sure if I'll be able to stop). L-O-L. NEXT

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  • POSTED: Nov. 19, 2014 | ART PICT: Sept. 21, 2014

    The Flames, the dots and the clock.


    Ok. So I got a little crazy with the flames coming off of the clock. They were just covering up tooo much of the man's face, so I had to pull them back a bit. There is a THING happening THERE in THAT spot of the drawing... that I don't want to talk about right now. It's a major underpinning of the symbols. The WHOLE concept of the artwork actually (or at least that is the hint that I have been picking up). AND, I am STILL working out HOW this...thing... is going to come down in the final cut. Unfortunately the beautiful flames, a righteous symbol in this space, are REALLY complicating the moment. The greys are blending too much. Maybe? Not sure. I'm sincerely hoping that the dots will hold their own ground here but fear that the difference created by the two separate pencil techniques (cross-hatching and pointillism) may just be toooo subtle (the two techniques produce differently textured kinds of greys). BUT... if everything holds its own space too completely, that can be confusing to the eye. Hmmmm... I'll let my subconscious work on it, right now I have a LOT of dotting still to go..... At least the spots are behaving (for the moment). NEXT

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