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  • Complex sketch (2010): Whisper To The Thunder
  • The Drawing Board Blog:
    "Yes. No. (Ceci n'est pas une pipe.)"
    TRANSLATION: "Yes. No. (This Is Not A Pipe.)"
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  • POSTED: April 03, 2014 | ART PICT: Mar. 24, 2014

    Symbolic Art: following the clues...


    To the left of the cheetah is a trophy and ...a man kissing his reflection in the metal cup of the trophy. What a wonderful, and OPEN, symbol... delivered straight from the collective unconscious to my pencil via the muse. I am amazed and a-mused (trace the laughter baby).

    The symbolic definition of a trophy can range from A Goal, An Achievement (a mile marker), or even Something-To-Be-Exhibited (won, lost, dreamt of or pursued). A trophy can be a metal statue or cup, a diamond ring, an automobile, a phone number, etc. ....OR a spouse, friend, acquaintance or lover. As a metal cup, a trophy gets entangled in the whole chalice symbol genre too. A person can collect and/or pursue more than one trophy in a lifetime. Desire. Inspiration. Power. Loss. Camelot. Self esteem. Etc.

    NOW... notice that the person who is depicted ...engaged... with the trophy is actually kissing their reflection within the metal cup. I know. This is kinda hard to see because only the reflection is actually drawn as of this minute. Bear with me. I'm actually "talking" symbols for once. LOL. Anyway. This really complicates the interpretation of the trophy symbol. Goals won or actively pursued, a lifestyle, etc. ....OR a foray into narcissistic territory and the whole modern day everyone-gets-a-trophy-for-participation idea could come to mind. LOL. OR.....the emotion of the person WATCHING the trophy involved persona (and how this makes THEM feel) ...OR...

    And this brings to a head the fact that there are other symbols in this drawing. It's a fact that each symbol impacts every other symbol within the drawn space. Whoosh. Context. THAT's what symbolic interpretation is all about. KNOWing the meaning of symbols is just a starting point. Think of being a detective and following the clues. The clues YOU see and how YOU read them will lead you to an answer. Your answer. Your story. This mystery has more than one solution and each one is valid. There is no single right answer here. AND...there are NO stupid answers. Really. I mean this. I am NOT kidding. I am NOT humoring ANYONE. The thought(s) about this artwork..., the surreal directions that I see may be COMPLETELY different from the one YOU uncover. Look at the artwork. Let the symbols talk to you on a subconscious level. Believe. Let your MIND UN-focus and then... listen to your gut. What do YOU think this all means???? Go ahead, dip into the collective unconscious. This is human heritage in action. It's a space that we all have access to....

    Sorry if you thought I was going to give away answers. I can't do that. This art is not about capturing a reality that you can hold in your hand. The visual language of the collective unconscious is not about concretely defined symbols... it's about a language sooo fluid that each "word" is a doorway that we each cross in our own way.... This is the most EXTRAORDINARY language. I am SO in awe. Dreams are not easily confined by words (it's not easy to describe one). So, it makes sense that the words of the dream language are not easily defined by words either. It's an old language. A very beautiful, complex and layered language.

    How many authors can boast of writing SOOOO many different stories with just one set of "words"???? One piece of paper + ONE SET OF WORDS = soooo MANY stories... Simultaneous tales told with VERY visual words. Complex symbols lifted from our daily routine. The subconscious is TRYING to speak in a language we SHOULD be able to understand. That's the funny part. The baroque trying to speak direct via images from our day-to-day. There is NO OTHER LANGUAGE LIKE THIS ONE. I am mad. This is truth. This is crazy beautiful baby. NEXT

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  • POSTED: April 03, 2014 | ART PICT: Mar. 30, 2014

    Artistic nuts and bolts.


    I think I said enough above. There are words EVERYWHERE. LOL. AND...I am trying to get the site updated NOW. So it's succinct time in the surreal world. Ok? Now. Remember when I said that the cheetah was not quite as dark as he might be appearing on the website? Well, ....tah dah! As more of the drawing gains momentum, the graphite will fall into perspective. Light and shadow taking shape. Up to NOW, I have ONLY used a few pencils and they have been relatively light ones to boot.

    Here's the pencil inventory (so far) for anyone actually interested in artistic nuts and bolts: Eberhard Faber Microtomic 6H and 4H and VENUS drawing 3800. VERY light shades of graphite... no matter how hard you press or how many layers are added. Those three pencils were the only ones in use for the reflection, the cheetah and the mask. Since then, I have decided to get ready to darken the palette a tad and have pulled: Skilcraft bonded no. 2 med and no. 3 med hard, a yellow Faber Castell so worn that I cannot read the number, Venus Velvet 3557 no. 3, and a pink pencil advertising the Thrifty Nickel Want Ad Paper. I actually have a pencil palette. LOL. Yes. Really.

    Whenever I find a pencil, it gets thrown into the box and eventually pulled out and used. Some are muttlies, some are finely crafted artistic pencils.... it's all graphite to me baby. NEXT

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  • POSTED: April 23, 2014 | ART PICT: Apr. 13, 2014

    Words. Here. Soon(ish).


    The story of my website: trying to catch up. LOL. I will over elaborate soon enough and the words will SPILL everywhere, ok? Stay tuned. BEFORE this point, the drawing has been slightly darkened so you can SEE the artwork in play.

    PS (Jan. 09, 2016): ...well, maybe not. Sorry. Busy. Imagine something cool here, ok? Any lying done here was COMPLETELY accidental, eh? Ugh. AND...argh. Oh well. NEXT

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  • POSTED: April 23, 2014 | ART PICT: Apr. 20, 2014

    MIA. Words. Here. (Part deux.)


    I will catch BOTH of these artist blog spots up next week. I am OVERwhelmed with stuff to do (as usual). Rather than make YOU wait...I thought I'd at least, give you the picts showing WHERE THE DRAWING IS RIGHT NOW (because the Art is ALL that really matters) AND to let you know that ART IS BEING MADE over here. Soooo, hang in there or... be glad you don't have to scroll through SO MANY words to get DIRECT to the artwork. Look at how FEW words there are here. It's amazing and rare as hell. Wow. Anyway. I'll be back soon enough, armed with words a-plenty baby (per usual). NEXT

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  • POSTED: May 6, 2014 | ART PICT: Apr. 27, 2014

    FINALLY... the answer?


    I can't believe the solution that I have been chasing for YEARS... turned out to be such a simple little fix. Well... not that simple to implement...but... I have IT in hand now. Wow. My mind is BLOWN baby.

    I am talking about the THING that has haunted this website since day ONE. Ok. The short story: there is always SO MUCH that I am involved in DOing. I am a creative person and my art suffers because of that fact. Ironic, eh? Argh. Lately, I've been posting the most recent pict of the artwork on facebook because I haven't had a spare second to update MY website. MINE. Jeez. That's pathetic. I am slammed city baby. Video production and editing. Website design and upkeep. Commercial graphic art projects. Surreal fine art pencil drawings. Real world marketing. Search engine marketing. Etc. Etc. It's a long list.... Which means...that you, have been listening to me bitch for EONS... about TRYING TO GET TO MY ART. Ok. I must confess that I did NOT realize how bad it had become... until I saw the words, in black and white on SO MANY PAGES of the website. Jeez. It was humbling to realize that I am STILL struggling to do this. Sheesh. It was in the middle of translating the web page for "Instant Karma with marshmallows. Just add water!" into the new design and..., one of those damn light bulbs went off over my head. Maybe I'm deluding myself by thinking it was a light bulb... maybe it was ACTUALLY an oversized dunce cap. LOL. Words. Words. Words. Ugh. So you want to know WHAT I decided to try??? A little thing that takes a Lot Of Effort to bring into reality: I am drawing for (at least) a few minutes (almost) EVERY single night. No reserving just the weekend for Art... The thought occurred to me that maybe this was trying too hard. Maybe this whole thing just needed to be more organic. Picking up the pencil to draw... shouldn't be such a big deal. I'm an ARTIST. Drawing should be as natural as breathing. I was right. LOL. I feel like such a doofus. It's awfully IRONIC that I am drawing a big dummy right now. Ha. Ha. Ha.

    Soooooo..... I have had to COMPLETELY rearrange my evening schedule to squeeze 10-20 more minutes into it.... BUT THIS IS IMPORTANT. I'm not ALWAYS super successful.... BUT, I am trying. AND, the effort so far, has MORE than been repaid. The gulf is gone. The two realities have become long as I draw every night. Pay rent stuff. Drawing stuff. One. Art. Me. Re-centered. Getting there. Deep sigh of relief. This is UNBELEIVEABLE. Wow. NEXT

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