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  • Surreal image (2014): Yes. No. (Ceci n'est pas une pipe.)
  • Surreal ink drawing (2013): The Quality Of A Discord)
  • Symbolism Ink+ Series (2013): One (+ Two, Three.14159265)
  • Surreal pencil (2013): My World Is Round
  • Surreal ink sketch (2012): Soliloquy.
  • Surreal pencil drawing (2012): A Natural Pearl In My Careless Hand.
  • Surreal ink doodle (2012): Tenuous Minor (A Flatted Third).
  • Pencil art (2011): Just Passing Through.
  • Complex sketch (2010): Whisper To The Thunder
  • The Drawing Board Blog:
    "The Red Queen Effect"
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  • POSTED: Oct. 16, 2016 | ART PICT: Sept. 08, 2015

    Flying with the pencil. Crazy baby.


    FACEBOOK (September 9, 2015): LOGICAL ALGORITHYMS vs. FLYING WITH THE MUSE. The last month I have been fighting number wars and coding lines of design. It can be SO GRATIFYING when you get multiple google number one and two rankings for subjects you have aimed for... or beating whatever the NEW algorithymic rhythms ARE. But... it's all so temporary and SO MANY people can DO IT just fine. There are web designers and commercial artists and SEO specialists around the world... by the millions... who re-begin the fight... repeatedly. I'm usually okay with that.... because, in recent years I have kept that down to an occasional bout (percentage wisely speaking).... an enjoyable.... difference in the moment. BUT, RECENTLY... I have dipped SO DEEPLY into a space.... that I used to LIVE in... BEFORE. Jeeez. I used to take GREAT satisfaction in those accomplishments. That was another time. Nowadays I know how to fly. On purpose. Flying with the pencil. Crazy baby. Now, I KNOW how far my baby steps have taken me: many, many miles inside and indeed. This past holiday weekend I had THREE days to draw. It took most of that time JUST to circle back to a place where I could FIND the first small steps to the bridge that crosses over... into soul flying space. A unique place that ONLY I can find (because it is deep inside of ME). My key. By the end of the three days....I found a tenuous connection that I am.... currently cultivating... within the free moments between logical thangs that NEED to be done. NOW... I know MORE. Can I keep this knowledge fresh? Can I hold onto it????? It's all about balance. It's all about remembering how to fly. With a pencil. NEXT

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  • POSTED: Oct. 16, 2016 | ART BLOG: Sept. 16, 2015

    ABSOLUTELY REFUSING to be denied.

    FACEBOOK (September 16, 2015): ALGORITHYMNS and FLYING WITH THE MUSE. I take photos of the drawing EVERY week to post on the website (which is BEHIND right now). I post a copy of this photo at my desk, where I can SEE it every minute. During the week I will pull it down and ink or pencil in potential additions. It's a way of keeping in touch with my art while dwelling in the commercial artist and mundane person The last couple of months, hell the last year... I have been overwhelmed by things that have taken me away from my art. Argh. Some have been chosen, and SOME have been... chosen. Hmmm. Anyway. This last week... there have been LOTS of pen-and-ink additions to the photographed drawing. LOTS. This ABSOLUTE REFUSAL to be denied a rendezvous with the pencil. Ha. Ha. Ha. This week...another bout of algorithmnic work... I actually FINALLY scored 100/100 on Googles Mobile Friendly user experience scale ... just to find out that THAT score is now the BOTTOM score of the two. Jeeeez. AND SO... the fight continues. The temporary fight. The one with no finish line, just lines drawn in the sand. Repeatedly washed away by the surf. LOL. Really. BUT... my drawing is... beautiful ...and the fight to get back to THAT... is ALWAYS worth the effort. Ha. I will post a pict soon. I will update the website... eventually. Peace baby. NEXT

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  • POSTED: Oct. 16, 2016 | ART PICT: Sept. 27, 2015

    BUT. Did it. Plan on DOING IT ...AGAIN.


    FACEBOOK (September 29, 2015): YES! I did what I said I was going to do. Ha. It's been too long and it's going to be another bit in between. Damnit!!!! BUT... it is starting to all come together. All of the pieces are in place (in theory). No telling what the subconscious is going to pull up between NOW and THEN. Anyway. BUT. Did IT. Plan on DOING IT ...AGAIN. Sometime. Soon. Argh. LOL. NEXT

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  • POSTED: Oct. 16, 2016 | ART PICT: Oct. 11, 2015

    Repeat it with me to make it real: ...


    FACEBOOK (October 9, 2015): ART & MUSIC. It's funny... we JUST posted the new music video "Wonder About You". There was SO MUCH MORE that I wanted to do with that footage BUT... I am picking my battles and I WANT TO DRAW THIS WEEKEND ...and the two THINGS cannot simultaneously exists within THIS portion of the space time continuum. BIGtime. And I'm GOING TO DRAW this weekend. So there baby. But... I guess I'll save those other ideas for another video, eh? BECAUSE (repeat it with me to make it real): I am going to draw this weekend. NEXT

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  • POSTED: Oct. 16, 2016 | ART PICT: Oct. 18, 2015

    You can ONLY erase so much darkness.


    FACEBOOK (October 19, 2015): AN ENTIRE WEEKEND OF ART. I am so relaxed. Ha. AND, too funny. It's like the eye of the hurricane... I guess that's where my art lives. The zen spot. Who knew? The next couple of weekends are going to be BUSY. I will try to find a spare moment here and there to pick up the pencil but anything else would just be un-realistic and an incredibly stupid sort of thought. Damnit all ('cause I REALLY want to DRAW right now, THIS MINUTE). Anyway. I am working on the rest part of the drawing. And I'll tell you... it was incredibly nerve wracking to start penciling in the cage/grid/game over the nest. All the time I've spent on this work of art and now I find myself penciling in very dark, hard-to-erase bits while I, myself don't exactly know if it's the WISEST thing to be doing. There is no undo button on my pencil. You can ONLY erase so much darkness. I kept hearing this voice telling me to just shut up and do it and then I realized that it was my very own voice... and I was arguing with it. Sheesh. As Dali would say, "I'm not mad." Really. Sure. Believe me? Ha. ha. ha. ha. Keep in mind: this is my zen spot. NEXT

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  • POSTED: Oct. 16, 2016 | ART BLOG: Oct. 30, 2015

    Inbetween... with art talk at the end.

    FACEBOOK (October 30, 2015): READY, SET, GO!!! The troublesome red balloons turned out to be a REALLY crazy cool moment (all-in-all). LOL. The original idea was to have them released into the sky after a certain amount of posing here and there. Because of the helium loss we had to rethink THAT idea. THEN.... after participating in a walk for charity... we only had ten minutes we could work with for the final filming bit. ARGHHHH! PLUS... it was SO BRIGHT outside, I couldn't even see what I was filming because we were in a hurry. BUT. BUT. BUT.... all that being said... because we were up against it and refused to cave.... some pretty cool stuff came out, creatively speaking. Ha. AND... too friggin' cool baby. Here's the link to the video. Check it out for yourself: We filmed part of it in The Historic Roser Park disctrict... a place we found by accident. The city hosted an art festival there and we went. It's hidden and out-of-sight. BTW: I am DRAWING this weekend. I post a photo of my drawing in a prominent place, so my subconscious can work on it at any given minute. During this time when I COULDN'T get to the pencil.... the collective unconscious put some homework time in and SHOWED me a thing or two. That's all I'm saying (for now). LOL. NEXT

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  • POSTED: Oct. 16, 2016 | ART PICT: Nov. 07, 2015

    "Yo, Mr. Collective..."


    FACEBOOK (November 5, 2015): I CAN SEE THE FINISH LINE? It's possible that I MIGHT finish the drawing this upcoming weekend. We'll see. I put in the crow last weekend (while Escher was wandering across my mind's eye). I THOUGHT I was going to be done a month and a half I REFUSE to KNOW anything man. Ha. Ha. HA. If I were in control of this drawing.... it wouldn't be what it is today... so I'm okay with the not knowing. LOL. I'm just the hands behind the pencil listening to the whispers of the muse.... You know, it's crazy but... I have not (to date) heard what the name is..... Not yet. It's getting close. Hmmmm.... I'm putting in a call to the collective unconscious.... "Yo, Mr. Collective..." NEXT

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