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  • Surreal image (2014): Yes. No. (Ceci n'est pas une pipe.)
  • Surreal ink drawing (2013): The Quality Of A Discord)
  • Symbolism Ink+ Series (2013): One (+ Two, Three.14159265)
  • Surreal pencil (2013): My World Is Round
  • Surreal ink sketch (2012): Soliloquy.
  • Surreal pencil drawing (2012): A Natural Pearl In My Careless Hand.
  • Surreal ink doodle (2012): Tenuous Minor (A Flatted Third).
  • Pencil art (2011): Just Passing Through.
  • Complex sketch (2010): Whisper To The Thunder
  • The Drawing Board Blog:
    "The Red Queen Effect"
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  • POSTED: Oct. 16, 2016 | ART PICT: Apr. 25, 2015

    A cup of coffee in hand...


    FACEBOOK (Apr. 26, 2015): SO DEEP IN THE NIGHT. I am so tired. Again. Yes. But, this time... not for art stuff, rather client stuff. The last month has been insane. A project came up driven by Google's Apr. 21 Mobile Friendly deadline. It was a last minute, unexpected project and I have squeezed it into every single other second available for the last thirty days. Last weekend was spent JUST on this project (trying to make deadline). My mind was swirling with code, numbers, experiments, etc. etc. The cascading style sheet alone was culled from 1300+ lines to (at one point) ...a mere 300 lines. Etc. Etc. I have been so focused and soooo far from Art. Ugh. The thing that REALLY helped... was an intense thing that was happening on the other side of the room. Gary was writing a song using the fender resonator AND electric guitar and it is an absolutely beautiful song ("So Deep In The Night"). I only heard bits here and there, in between the demands of the numbers, the defaulting of the browsers..., but the bits... helped. I would turn around because the guitar solo was SO intense that it broke through the numbers. I FINALLY got to hear the entire song ...late Monday night (with a cup of coffee in hand). On the other end, a 95 was scored on Google's mobile friendly tester AND with a few tweaks (later on)... I'm sure that score will go higher. Of course MY website isn't mobile friendly YET. It's always the web designers site that is the last to be updated. Some day. One day. Oh friggin' well baby. Drawing is MORE important. Speaking of which, ...I got to draw for a few seconds today. Check out the pict. NEXT

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  • POSTED: Oct. 16, 2016 | ART PICT: May 11, 2015

    All the time allotted to BE backwards.


    ARTIST NOTE (Oct. 15, 2016): There is no facebook entry for this pict. Apologies but it is MORE important to catch the entire website up at the moment then go backwards for individual entries. I have two more drawings to add between today and tomorrow and that is ALL the time allotted for backwards BE-ing. The site is ALMOST two years out-of-date. Argh. PLUS: I am GOing to DRAW Sunday... NEXT

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  • POSTED: Oct. 16, 2016 | ART PICT: May 17, 2015

    No words. Just a pict.


    ARTIST NOTE (Oct. 15, 2016): Again with the No Words and MORE apologies. It's just the pict. There are facebook entries for this time, but they are all about other things. Every spare moment was drawing, not "talking" about it. LOL. AND, there weren't many spare moments. Priorities, eh? NEXT

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  • POSTED: Oct. 16, 2016 | ART PICT: May 27, 2015

    A plethora of silence. Lots of lines.


    ARTIST NOTE (Oct. 15, 2016): No verbiage today. A plethora of silence. Lots of lines. Drawing in between the minutae of the mundane. Check out the pict. NEXT

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  • POSTED: Oct. 16, 2016 | ART PICT: May 31, 2015

    So. No "grow up". Yes.


    FACEBOOK (June 3, 2015): ARTWORK UPDATE. Ok. An animation concerning this work of art Is FINALLY posted on the site homepage. I haven't gotten a chance to make the artwork page (with notes and picts detailing the journey of pencil across paper) for THIS particular work of art.... but... baby steps have been taken along that path. One day I'll grow up and take adult-sized steps, eh? Right? Huh? NEVAH. I'm never going to grow up. Not me. I'm Peter Pan, headed for Never Never Land. LOL. Ok. So. Not grow up. Yes. Updating website with artwork blog page. Yes. I can do both. (I think.) NEXT

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