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...MORE Surreal Artwork by
Chris Eisenbraun.

  • Surrealist game piece (2016): Hard Hat Habitat.
  • Surreal symbolic artwork (2015): Red  Queen Effect.
  • Surreal image (2014): Yes. No. (Ceci n'est pas une pipe.)
  • Symbolism Ink+ Series (2013): One (+ Two, Three.14159265)
  • Surreal pencil (2013): My World Is Round
  • Surreal ink sketch (2012): Soliloquy.
  • Surreal pencil drawing (2012): A Natural Pearl In My Careless Hand.
  • Surreal ink doodle (2012): Tenuous Minor (A Flatted Third).
  • Surreal pencil (2013): My World Is Round
  • The Drawing Board Blog:
    "#123 (Pyrrhic) Victory Blvd."
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  • POSTED: Oct. 16, 2016 | ART PICT: July 07, 2016

    Artwork DONE. Wow. Crazy quick.


    C.E. YOUTUBE VIDEO EXCERPT (July 07, 2016): The kids as dots. The hand comic book style. The shoe white instead of black. Stylistic + symbolic reasons for each choice. Made the end go QUICK. I'm in shock. It's done. Wow.

    FACEBOOK (July 8, 2016): ARTWORK ON DISPLAY THIS SAT.: I sent out the email with the details and put SOME of them on the website. AND... I finished my drawing this weekend. Freaked me out. It's done. Wow. It's not even November. Toooo weird. Now the drawing is at the framers. Anyway. Will show later. Now, it's the show I need to you. Ha. Ha. Ha. Puns non-regretfully intended. Eh? Here's the online version of the morean members' exhibition invitation. NEXT

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  • POSTED: Oct. 16, 2016 | ART PICT: July 31, 2016

    "Tah dah" etc, etc.


    FACEBOOK (August 25, 2016): PYRRHIC VICTORY ...FRAMED. I am working on a new work of art. Have blocked out a number of days upcoming for NOTHING ELSE. Can't wait. This layout is CRAZY baby. BIGtime. Just a few more responsible things to get OUT OF MY WAY. ARGH!!!! Get! Get! and Ha. In the interim, "#123 (Pyrrhic) Victory Blvd." came back from getting framed... and here ya go... "tah dah" etc. etc..... NEXT

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  • POSTED: Oct. 16, 2016 | ART PICT: Aug. 5, 2016

    C.E. Mini Art Doc uploaded.


    FACEBOOK (August 5, 2016): (BRAND NEW) YOUTUBE CHANNEL. I had the video almost DONE ...and a conversation made me stop and THINK about what I REALLY wanted to say/do/etc. Soooo, ....NOW...., I am ALMOST done ....AGAIN with the new video for MY (upcoming) Youtube channel. I hope to have it all up sometime Saturday but we'll see. Don't you just HATE hearing something you really NEED to hear sometimes???? Ha. Sometimes you don't get what you want, you get what you need. AND that can be AWESOME. I hope so. Stay tuned.

    ARTIST NOTE (Oct. 16, 2016): the video is done and was uploaded. I made a mini art doc for Pyrrhic. It's in the style of the animated .gifs that used to be ALL OVER the site (until they made me take them down due to server issues). Nothing too adventuresome (that's for the future). HA. NEXT

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  • POSTED: Oct. 15, 2016 | ART BLOG: Aug. 12, 2016

    C.E. Youtube channel.

    FACEBOOK (August 12, 2016): CE YOUTUBE ART CHANNEL. I have a couple of creative ideas that I want to eventually try on for size. Some of them include fine art videos (aka, non-static fine art) AND...maybe....eventually.... some virtual reality art... AND...., I figure that a YouTube channel would be an EXCELLENT venue for these kinds of works. Sooooo, I FINALLY DID IT. Made a channel. Ha. I like the creative elbow room this idea gives me, but this is DEFinitely only ONE of MANY things I am doing creatively speaking ...AND, so far, I only have ONE actual video uploaded (and it's more of a mini art documentary than an actual fine art piece). Ok? I've also put together a playlist featuring three of the music videos that I "played" with (more than others....). This is JUST a beginning BUT, it's a start to what I hope will eventually be a very cool artistic space. NEXT

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